Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back To NorCal For The Win

We are about a month into our Northern California homecoming and life indeed is pretty sweet on PST. A little bit of sensory overload at this point, but so excited to be starting our wonderful new chapter in the area I grew up in. Also stoked to be in an area that is Green (compost and trash options at Costco and nearly everywhere), and looking forward to hooking up with the Santa Cruz Chapter of Surfrider in September. Live Happily Ever Now.

Border Crossing

Sadie's first look at the West Coast

NorCal Fire

Surf City Sorta (AKA Capitola)

Unlike Texas, CA Beach Rules...

Hiking in South Bay

Mountain Journey

Giants! Timmy Full Moon Heat

At Home - Beach - Friends

Life Is Better With Best Buddy's Birthday Bash And Daughter

Loose Leaf Bliss

Getting Used to CA Beaches

Support CA State Parks

Right Back Where We Started From

Nice Left