Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 3 (Thursday)

Day 3
We started the day at the Fort, saw some good bands like the Morning Benders, and strange bands liked Fucked Up. Overall, the SoCO and Budweiser got the day started right.
Free booze!
And Rocking Chairs

We headed back downtown to meet up with our good friend Chris Little. One of his friends was playing at a bar that charged $5 for a miller light, so we headed there right away. The band was not the best, but we were informed that Travis Barker was playing next door. Leyla loves him, and had a damn near life changing moment when she realized she could see him. Leyla and I left the pack to go wait in line to attend this event. It was worth the wait!

Probably one of the best musical events of Leyla's life. She was on cloud 9 all night.

My favorite no name white rapper Paul Wall, I gave him a fist bump and toasted to grillz on the way to the bathroom.

After that it we all met up at the car, and headed home:

SxSW 2010 Day 2 (Wednesday)

Day 2:

The plan, start drinking at 3 (Wednesday), and don't stop until Saturday Night (we are too old for this btw). Then we realized that we were already drinking on Tuesday, so this was going to be a long weekend.

I picked up a lovely chocolate flavored Vodka that is locally made on the way downtown. It is named after my work too, sort of.... this could have been day 1 too, I really am not sure at this point.

After dinner at the Chupa Cabra, and soaking in the Hipsters downtown (aka Kings of Leon), we proceed to a private party featuring Treachery of Others

They put on a great show, with a grand entrance and good music. Got to hang with Pop and Sharon too!

After the cops shut it down, we decided to head back downtown to dirty sixth for some dancing. Ended up seeing some random bands, then moving on to the side bar to shut the night down.

SxSW 2010 Day 1 (Tuesday)

Day 1 (Tuesday):

Zynga private party with Metric, the Constellations, and carnival games. Great way to start the week!

Here is Metric:

Cow Milking

The Crew

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Treachery of Others

My Brother's band:

No Surf = Wannabe Hipster!

Austin, Texas - Do512 is What to do in Austin.

Previously on LOST

Matt Kuhn The day after my Wedding LOST ends (thanks Erick)... This is gonna be nuts. Viewing party at Pop's house, or maybe Alamo Drafthouse??? How insane would it be to watch the LOST finale on the big screen while people serve you beer and food..... maybe they'll even have it in 3-D!

http://www.drafthouse.com/lakecreek/shows.p...See More

via press release: “LOST” SERIES FINALE EVENT SET FOR SUNDAY, MAY 23 ON ABC Finale to Air on a Special Night, Sunday, May 23 from 9:00-11:00 p.m.,

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Got me on my knees

I wonder how long it will take my sweet sweet Leyla to find this blog of mine? Actually is my second attempt at a blog that only I read. Also, is it weird that Leyla and I call it "The Mopac"? That is the way you would say it in California... Cheers!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

ATX Snow

I'm really having problems with this blog, apparently my attention span doesn't encompass posting my thoughts and activities for the world wide web.

I would like to report that it has been snowing in the ATX recently. We received 2 inches, and it was a treat. Leyla has never seen snow, and it pretty much consumed our whole day. Reminded me of the days of Lake Tahoe, snowboarding, all you can eat Chinese food. Good times. Another thing to add to my list, Hurricane John in Baja, the Bay Area Earthquake, the Fires in Sand Diego, and Snow deep in the heart of Texas. Cheers!