Thursday, January 13, 2011

Steve Thomas and Noll Surfboards

For a California surfer turned Texan for the last 3 years (this April), I was so stoked to receive a package from one of my friends Steve Thomas at Noll Surfboards and Gallery several weeks ago. Steve was my next door neighbor growing up, and he was someone that I looked up to in all aspects of my life. 
Steve on the cover of Longboard Magazine
His dad Chris (I love him like an uncle) taught me how to surf, and I remember when we would all go surf how hard Steve would charge (Chris was pretty good too for an old timer... JK).
Me and Chris Thomas aka My Uncle
I wanted to surf like Steve so bad, and still remember vividly how stoked I was when we were surfing at Capitola one day when Steve told me that I ripped (keep in mind it took me six months to learn how to stand up). Steve currently manages Noll Surfboards and Gallery in San Clemente, and has a blog Nride that you should read here.
One of my favorite boards Shaped by Jed Noll that is fun on all sized waves
Back to the package, when it is cold and dark in Texas, I now Steve to thank for my new favorite hoodie to keep me warm; some awesome dvds to remind me of why I surf, and a couple of notarized mags and stickers. Cheers brother!
Authentic Hoodie now in Austin, TX

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