Saturday, January 29, 2011

Walking Austin: North Shoal Creek

Behind our backyard at Shoal Creek
One nice thing about having man's best friend around, walks. With my pup Sadie I have walked over 75 miles in the neighborhood since moving to our new house in Shoal Creek. The reason I know this? My Nike app for the I-phone tells me, otherwise I would just know that I walk her (some jogging) for 45-60 minutes a minimum of 5 times a week.

You would think after all this time Sadie and I would get bored? Not so much. Usually we follow the river, or head off in directions that are new to us.

Lightning Bolt TV Beaming Signal Dish

Today we decided to head south along the river, and we came across a couple of tv satelites with lightinging bolts on them. Sadie and I couldn't help but wonder, which came first, the lightning bolt, or the satellite?

Frodo Sees an Elephant
Later we found an elephant (prounounced elee-Phant like lord of the rings), a perfect tube, and some open space that reminded me of Winter's Bone.
Winter's Bone?

Polluted Tube

I listened to LCD          Soundsystem's most recent CD, and Neil Young's Greatest Hits (tracks 1-5), as we clocked in 2.59 miles in 1 hour and 4 minutes. Not a bad start to our day.

Back Home in the Dog House
Finally we ended up back home where Sadie looked for shelter. Live Happily Ever Now!

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