Thursday, February 3, 2011

Technology, My iPhone, Danes, and Verizon Fail

Chairs at Copenhagen Airport (Danes!)
I am a certified gadget nerd. Just ask the secondary screening guys in Denmark who I met this summer. When they went through my backpack and asked me what everything was (underwater camera, external hard drives, flip camera, housing for gadgets, mini tri-pods, three iPods, two iPhones, hdmi cables, two laptops, and on and on), I was semi embarrassed that they kept pulling metal object after metal object out. Half the stuff they were busy playing with and admiring when I'm pretty sure they should have been checking for security issues. On my second laptop they said "we're going to have to have you turn this on," in a stern Danish accent. I asked them why, and they said "to see if you have any good porn on there." After a split pause, we all the laughed it up, and I actually enjoyed the secondary screening. True story, love the Danes!

One aspect that revolutionized my gadget life back in 2009 was when I went from a Blackberry Fail Storm, to an iPhone. I held out with Verizon for months (maybe years) hoping that "Big Red" would get an iPhone, but it never happened. I checked iPhone and Mac rumor websites daily (still do). I downloaded crappy apps for my Blackberry trying to make it look like an iPhone, but really it was just a chunky sloppy depressing situation. This held me back and always made me sub-par when it came to being a certified electronics geek. It was kind of like a quote my dad once told me about Southwest Airlines, "the worst day in the A group is still better than the best day in the B group". I was stuck in the B group without an iPhone. Making it harder to fulfill my destiny, I had 4 lines with Verizon (now have 5 with AT&T), so the fee would be substantial to quit...

Long story short, I quit, paid some serious cash to Verizon, and Leyla and I love our iPhones (we are an all Apple family). I feel bad for those who are just now getting their iPhones this month for Verizon (and it looks like Big Red will slow them down).

Spot the gadgets and dogs
There is seriously no way I could have waited until now to have my favorite device. Now my server and media center? That's a different story.


Live Happily Ever Now!

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