Monday, December 27, 2010

Mexican Beer Review: Pacifico Vs. Victoria

Although I enjoy all types of beers (ask Brent or Kenny if I can hang with Stone or Saint Arnold), my favorite beer is still Pacifico. My favorite beer producing Country is Mexico, and this is partially due to the fact that I've never had a beer that I didn't like while I was in Mexico! Also, my Mom's favorite beer was Pacifico, and we used to drink them all the time.

Recently Brent and I spotted the Mexican beer Victoria at THE H-E-B, and I was excited to welcome in this newcomer to my Mexican preferred world.


Upon the initial poor, it had a traditional yellowish color, and smelled like a beer that should be served in a ballena. It was very crisp, and it also had slightly sweet taste. This beer was a much welcomed addition to the Mexican beer family that I enjoy. While it won't be taking Pacifico's crown anytime soon, I would gladly crack one of these open after a long day of surfing in Mexico.

Baja Sur (Pre-Beard), and Pacifico Ballenas
Cheers to Mexican beer, and Live Happily Ever Now!

Update: I have been stoked to be finding Victoria Beer all over Austin (still looking for an Austin Brewery to carry it). I found Victoria Beer on draft at Bar 96, and I nearly fell off of my bar stool! It tastes really good, and what a great summertime draft beer to enjoy. They also now have Victoria beer (bottles) at Wahoo's Fish Taco, which is awesome because that is one of my all time favorite places to eat. I also am always torn at El Caribe between ordering Victoria vs. a Pacifico. My current selection process for choosing Pacifico or Victoria beer is that I usually order a Victoria draft (or bottle) when it is available, and stick with Pacifico the rest of the time. Bottom line is that Victoria beer is still hard to find, so I enjoy it when I can! Cheers to Victoria beer! Brewed since 1865, imported to Austin since 2010!

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  1. hehe nice dude, i'm from mazatlan and so glad you enjoy Pacifico as much as the locals. Drinking this beer in front of the pacific ocean watching the sunset in an amazing experience. Have you ever been in mzt?