Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Baja 2008 Revisited - Baja 2011 Through 2015 Up Next!

With the annual Baja trip taking a temporary hiatus during 2009 and 2010, the core Baja Crew is ready to embark on another mission! Instead of the annual trip, it will be biennial to accommodate our old age and growing families.

The core as we know it (been present for 80% or more of annual Baja trips) is Kenneth aka "Krazy Kenny", Magnus aka "Mankiepost, Swing, Swingnutz", Scott aka "Coffee and Numbers guy", Brendan aka "Knows a bunch of top secret shit guy", and myself aka "Mr. Matthew, Matty, Big Guy".

Kenny, Brendan, Me, Magnus, and Scott at my Wedding.

The mission will be Baja Sur, the time frame September, the emphasis on my all time favorite wave (thus far) Scorpion bay.

In 2011 we have talks of bringing boats, motorcycles, elaborate fishing gear, and of course lots of playboy magazines for the Federales.

Whether it's driving all night, getting stuck in hurricanes, rolling a vehicle, playing lose it, getting stung by a sting ray, dodging banditos, or getting crazy surf; one thing is for sure, we will most definitely have a good time. Here is 2008's video below, I say that we step up our game in 2011 with GoPro® HD Camerasfor the ultimate video.

Cheers to Baja!

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