Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Baja 2012

The hurricane crew was running on one vehicle "play it safe" skeleton crew mode down in Baja Sur, and for the first time in many years in Mexico I avoided personal bodily harm. I did not fall off of a cliff, get stung by a stingray, get stuck upside down on a 100 foot waterfall, fall down a flight of stairs, get robbed at gunpoint, roll a truck, get attacked by bees, or any of the other semi-disastrous occurrences that plagued me South of the border. Instead, great surf, great times with great buddies, and made some great friends. I even avoided the multiple scorpion attempts to sting me on the final day of the trip which has been known to be the most deadly (i.e. only pinch me vs. getting the stinger around to my hand), and decided against the last day of the trip "token shower" and managed to avoid the huge snake in the cantina bathroom. What more could guy ask for? How about a video inspired by the OG Magnus Frennmark? Soundtrack includes The Dirty Heads, Mason Jennings, Miike Snow (remix), and Foster the People (remix). Live Happily Ever Now!