Monday, October 10, 2011

Chromeo Austin City Limits 2011

I hung back with the beer for Chromeo, but was stoked to see some sort of ACL version of the Electric Slide or maybe even a Cupid Shuffle. Chromeo rocked, and it was a great a time slot to you get your dance on.

Monday, October 3, 2011

GLO Adopt A Beach

So many websites and blogs and social media and so little time! Wanted to report that our third and final GLO adopt a beach cleanup of 2011 was a huge success and a ton of fun, and for such a great cause! On a personal note, the beaches of Texas have a calmness to them similar to the feeling that I get in Mexico. No rules like in California, where cops are constantly patrolling the beach (on ATVs) waiting to give you a ticket for having a beer or letting your dog roam off leash. The Texas Coast although windy and the bit of an underdog in the surfing world has stoked me so much this year, and I just wanted to say thanks to all of those who have made the Journey with me!

You can view the full post on cleanup on the freshly built (do you like it) Surfrider Foundation Central Texas Chapter's website, or check out my lovely wife's blog and amazing photographs here. Live Happily Ever Now!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

One Foot At A Time - Surfrider Foundation

Raptoberfest is a month long campaign by the Surfrider Founation to help increase awareness about the harm of single use plastics. As an active member of the Central Texas Chapter, I was excited to kickoff the Month long event in my own neighborhood and help cleanup Shoal Creek (that literally borders my backyard). Leyla, Sadie, and I headed out, with a cleanup bag and a video camera, and spent the afternoon cleaning out the mostly dried out creek bed. When we returned home, we managed to fill all 5 Square feet, and were stoked to take 5 square feet of plastic out of our creek. Hopefully we will hit Surfrider's goal of 1,000 square feet this month! Make sure you go out and participate in this great event! Here is the video, and the pictures of the final product below.

Some pics: