Sunday, December 19, 2010

50 Book Club

In elementary school we used to have a contest called fifty book club. If enough kids read that many books (50), our class would win an ice cream party. I'm not sure if we won or not, but I do remember that "Choose Your Own Adventure" books would count, and that I would deliberately make choices in the book that I know would lead to an ill fate, in order to help win the contest.

JOURNEY UNDER THE SEA:Choose Your Own Adventure #2

Lately my adult fifty book club has consisted of several books that were pretty enjoyable. When I was in Sweden I read The The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Millennium Trilogy, Book 1)series, and it was pretty cool to be in Sweden while reading those books. Too bad the Author is dead (his family is fighting his girlfriend/co-writer for the profits), as I would have liked to continue reading the series.

I also read The Art of Racing in the Rain: A Novel and Kurt Vonnegut's "Man Without Country" when I returned to the USA. Kurt Vonnegut may be my favorite author, and to read his final book is almost like sitting down with him and having him tell you about life. If you have never read a book by Kurt, you are seriously missing out.

The last book of 2010 (I'm assuming) was "The Wave" by Susan Casey. This book had a really cool dichotomy look inside the lives of big wave surfers like Laird Hamilton and the scientists who study large waves. It was a not only scientific, but also reminded me why I love surfing so much.

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