Sunday, January 16, 2011

Girl Talk Review: Austin Music Hall

After seeing Girl Talk at Austin City Limits two years ago, Girl Talk has been a staple of any party playlist that I create. We were very excited to get another chance to see him (missed the free show at UT), and this sold out show did not lack energy. Packed to the brim with college kids (we were in the floor GA section), I was on the older end of the spectrum. I asked a college kid what was with all the 80's outfits, he told me it was a "frat thing". I apologized, and told him I was just an old guy, in fact I was so old that I was married! He told me hey man, "there are married people in college". I just smiled and walked off with my cold Lone Star. Here is some video footage for those of you who didn't make it to the show, also you can download any mashup master piece created by gregg gillis (Girl Talk) here.  Cheers to being old! Dirty 30 in April on the 30th!

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