Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 3 (Thursday)

Day 3
We started the day at the Fort, saw some good bands like the Morning Benders, and strange bands liked Fucked Up. Overall, the SoCO and Budweiser got the day started right.
Free booze!
And Rocking Chairs

We headed back downtown to meet up with our good friend Chris Little. One of his friends was playing at a bar that charged $5 for a miller light, so we headed there right away. The band was not the best, but we were informed that Travis Barker was playing next door. Leyla loves him, and had a damn near life changing moment when she realized she could see him. Leyla and I left the pack to go wait in line to attend this event. It was worth the wait!

Probably one of the best musical events of Leyla's life. She was on cloud 9 all night.

My favorite no name white rapper Paul Wall, I gave him a fist bump and toasted to grillz on the way to the bathroom.

After that it we all met up at the car, and headed home:

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