Tuesday, March 30, 2010

SxSW 2010 Day 2 (Wednesday)

Day 2:

The plan, start drinking at 3 (Wednesday), and don't stop until Saturday Night (we are too old for this btw). Then we realized that we were already drinking on Tuesday, so this was going to be a long weekend.

I picked up a lovely chocolate flavored Vodka that is locally made on the way downtown. It is named after my work too, sort of.... this could have been day 1 too, I really am not sure at this point.

After dinner at the Chupa Cabra, and soaking in the Hipsters downtown (aka Kings of Leon), we proceed to a private party featuring Treachery of Others

They put on a great show, with a grand entrance and good music. Got to hang with Pop and Sharon too!

After the cops shut it down, we decided to head back downtown to dirty sixth for some dancing. Ended up seeing some random bands, then moving on to the side bar to shut the night down.

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