Thursday, January 24, 2013

Where did you go?

Insert token blog post explaining why you haven't posted so long, and insert how you are going to push yourself to "write and post more" here. Not really, at this point I am taking the time to reflect and look back on this fun transition period of my life. What a whirlwind couple of Months the end of 2012/beginning of 2013 had in store. From working to volunteering, surfing to house hunting, San Francisco Giants torture to Jack White on a not so silent night, San Diego New Year's eating and sleeping to soon not be sleeping with a baby boy due in March, I have a feeling the ride is just getting started. Cheers to not knowing where this world will take you, and for now I'll just try to keep my head from spinning and find solace in not having to worry about RSVP'ing to SXSW this year. :( Live Happily Ever Now!

Danny Boy! Sharing in my love for the Giants!

So Stoked! We're having a boy!

Sorry Jack White, Tigers were no match for our world champs!

Pretty cool to watch Kelly Slater surf in Santa Cruz

Nat Young hometown favorite! Stoked that he made the tour.
Was packed for the cold water classic

Kelly Snap goes boom.

Took a trip to China Town.

Bath salts lookout.

Cable car fun with wifey on babymoon in SF
Of Monsters & Men at Not So Silent Night

Youngster I was

Grandpa was in town for the holidays. Talking in person vs. our daily call

Jack White can play guitar. Sorry about your Tigers.

Zombie Squid Apocalypse.
Not getting sick of these

Not landlocked anymore

Stoked to speak at Capitola's City Council Meeting for Surfrider

Future Giants fan almost here!

Museum of Modern art in SF
My favorite dog in San Diego!

Our new house in Santa Cruz

Logging HQ

Until next time...

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