Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sweden: Day one - Live Happily Ever Now

One of the best people I ever have known was in Copenhagen Denmark waiting to welcome us on our European Vacation! Magnus (MankiePost) is as solid as the ice is in Sweden 9 months out of the year. Great person, and a great friend!

In Five days in Sweden and Denmark, we have seen so much, and enjoyed so much culture, I feel like i've been here for weeks.

We headed from Copenhagen to Lund, a university town not far from Malmo. Magnus, and his wonderful girlfriend Sofia live there, and were generous enough to let us stay in their extra apartment while we are here.

This is European HQ for Leyla and I. Wi-Fi, beer, food, hot water, and a view of their apartment from ours, this is the good life!

After settling in, we strolled the streets of Lund with Magnus in the daytime, enjoying the cobblestone streets, nice weather, and of course Mankie's Lemon Tree!

We enjoyed an amazing dinner with Magnus and Sofia on our first night in town, and drank beer, wine, along with a delicious dinner.

We ended our first day with a night cap, and we are off to a good start! -LIVE HAPPILY EVER NOW

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