Thursday, October 14, 2010

Italy Summer 2010

When we stepped out in Italy it meant a lot of things to Leyla and I. We have romanticized about living in this relaxed and refined Country for quite some time (landed in Austin instead). Everything seemed so alive, and vivid. My laser eye surgery definitely came in handy in this country, as everything seemed to be larger than life, and looked like it came straight out of a fairy tale. We saw so many things in Italy, from Florence, to Tuscany, to Elba, it was an amazing week. On a side note, I nearly choked to death on a piece of bread at while laughing so hard as to how sweet life can be when you are being spoon fed lavender infused chocolate by a wine guru named Stefano.
Leyla's amazing eye!

Ancient Wine Castle
Leyla Loves Doors and bikes

Dinner, Wine, and Friends--- and intense roof

This is where the best grapes live, Tuscany!

On the Island of Elba


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