Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Summertime ATX

Keep my head in the clouds, I see a wave
Austin has pushed my limits this summer with a heatwave that matches what feels like Nevada to me, or at least my Bikram Yoga Studio. Being sealed in four air conditioned walls for about 90 days can drive anyone crazy. Yesterday Tropical Storm Lee came in and cleared out the high pressure system (and brought some fire too...) that has been holding us hostage, and I'm not sure if it is a cruel twist of fate that it occurred on the (symbolic) last day of summer. In Austin summer has not ended, and it will still be hot here for at least a month, so I'm getting some fresh cooler air while I can (90 is feeling like the new 70 these days). A couple of random thoughts:

  • Everyone should read some Richard Brautigan. My Dad bought me some of his books and let me know that my Mom used to really love reading his books. I read a few of them over the summer, and couldn't help but imagine my mom reading his books years before me. His imagination and odd sense of humor that he finds in normal people through his characters is comforting and addicting. At first I couldn't even understand why anyone would want to read these books, but eventually I got it, and his ability to steer plot lines in directions that make absolutely no sense eventually end up making perfect wacky sense.
  • I really like drinking Kombucha. I just hope it doesn't prove to be another airborne type product.
  • This summer I looked at a lot of clouds in Austin. It reminds me of that one full moon night down in Mexico where we drank all night and stared at the shapes of the clouds.
  • I've had a lot of good BBQ as of late (not sure if Coopers is better than the Salt Lick).
  • Second tubing experience was better than the first.
  • I'm looking forward to Surfrider's trip to Port A in three weeks (will I get to wear a hoodie?)
  • I'm stoked to be making a difference with Surfrider, and overall am becoming a better person everyday (to the best of my ability).
  • The reason I'm even thinking out loud is because I read my old blog from 2008 and I thought out loud a lot.... Less "article-y", more random.
  • My google analytics are looking good!
Down by the water

BBQ with friends
Custom cooler with speakers

Look at my cool beach towel!
Austin is burning
Wifey and me. I'm at my happiest in water

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