Wednesday, November 2, 2011

UT Longhorn Game

Drinking Soda

Growing up in NorCal I never watched college football, in fact if it wasn't the Giants, 49ers or Warriors I wasn't interested. When I went to college UCSB or SDSU didn't have elite football teams, so again, not much interest there. When I made it to Austin all of sudden college football isn't something that people pay attention to in Austin, it's WHAT they pay attention to (and hipster obviously). So much in fact that everyone wears burnt orange on Saturdays, and the cops let you walk around with open containers for miles around the Longhorns stadium on game day (I'm convinced this is like the Truman Show and I'm the only non actor). With tailgate parties that remind me of SXSW (with free beer and food and swag), it is a fun day before you even get to the football game.

UT Tradition
In the stadium itself there are marching bands at all corners of the stadium (remind you I played trumpet in High School), cannons blasting, a huge cow named Bevo, huge drums, and last but not least, all sorts of songs and chants and traditions that 100,000 people are locked into for the whole game. Only buzz kill is they do not sell booze in the stadium, but they do sell soda, so a LOT of SODA gets drank at these games. Awesome time, with awesome seats (thanks to Mr. Little), and a great Halloween pre-party in Austin! I still don't necessarily get the college football thing, but it was a good time and HOOK EM!

Leyla hooks Bevo

Sat. Night Lights
Real Bevo on Jumbotron
Me and Mr. Little Pre-Game
Ladies Hook Em!

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