Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Port A Camping Trip

One of my favorite things to do in Texas is enjoy the beach (surfing and horseshoes come to mind), the only bad thing is I live in Austin and this is not a day trip under most circumstances. Luckily for me my birthday lines up on the same weekend as the GLO's first Adopt-A-Beach cleanup, so I can make it a weekend camping trip and give back to help protect the beaches that I love so much. We had a great crew that consisted of family, friends, fellow members from the Surfrider Foundation Central Texas Chapter (made some new friends as well), and of course my dog Sadie. Here are some pictures from the trip taken on my birthday present the GoPro2, and on a side note keep an eye on your keys when you are drinking whiskey on the beach, you never know where they may end up...

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