Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Copenhagen, I was tired and thirsty.

On my second day in Europe, and third trip to Copenhagen (not bragging I promise), we took the commuter rail with our favorite Swede Mr. Magnus. He showed us how to save money on a "duo" or "family" ticket, and we were off.

We headed to the Strøget and had some Danishes. I wasn't expecting them to call them that, but they did, and they were quite lovely.

We twisted and turned down the amazing streets, jet lagged, yet wide awake, and took in all the sites that this great city has to offer.

I video you!

We made it down to the harbor, had an english breakfast, a couple of beers, and we were off again.

After an afternoon of people watching, beer drinking, and shopping we headed back to the train to take the bridge back to Malmo.

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