Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sweden in review

Sweden, my unofficial home in Europe. I've spent over 30 days there on three different trips, and every time I have had a blast. Friendly, happy, enjoyable people, life almost seems to good in the land of cold and ice. Luckily for Leyla and I, it is summertime, and a breath of fresh air from the Austin heat. Just ask this guy:

My partner in crime, and mixtape master, Mankie aka Magnus. I've known him for so long, and he is someone that you would gladly hop on a sting ray for!

Life isn't perfect in Sweden, while health care is free, they still have punks tagging the shit out of their walls. Although I can't imagine a Swedish punk...

We were able to enjoy the new and improved Malmo, courtesy of Mankie's amazing lifelong friends, and while the water was cold, the living was easy.

Rasmus also performed surgery on Leyla's splinter:

The beaches were pretty good too (minus no surf), we played some bocce, swam a bit, played American football, all on the fourth of July! Nobody seemed to care about the normally drunken day we have in the USA.

We also took Mankie's "weekend" car, aka Skoda from heaven, and ventured off on our own. We went to Sweden's Stonehedge, and I imagined Vikings drinking and pillaging thousands of years before us. The harbor was very laid back, and the locals seemed very interested in my California English.

Magnus and Sofia also gave us an amazing Wedding present, a Spa day in Sweden. We had none other than a Full Body Massage. Note, they don't call it Swedish Massage in Sweden, since in fact, we were at the source. An amazing day was had, and a once in a lifetime experience.

The main journey this time around was our trip to Ven, a place that is magical, and has something for everyone. For us, we chose to indulge in bike riding, bug chasing, wine drinking, and amazing food and laughs with friends. Leyla and I will probably get separate bikes next time around though... Sofia drove the boat amazing as well, and we were home in time for a delicious brunch on the harbor with lots of coffee.

Closing thoughts on Sweden (2010): The people have grown up, but they are still awesome.

  • Magnus and Sofia are amazing cooks and we even picked our own ingredients sometimes (no hallucinations).

  • I'm not sure what kind of dressing this is, but I bet I would like it!

  • Nokia is big at Sweden's Best Buy equivalent (Brent Henry Likes this):

  • The people there are amazing, and fun to drink with.

  • Magnus gets paid good $ to recycle my red bull cans:

  • Agnetta is the best! I know why Magnus is such a good guy! His Mom is amazing!

It is a place I would gladly call home, cheers to you Sweden, and thanks for showing me how to live happily ever now.

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