Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Austin Beer Week 2010 Part II

Pop quiz, it's Friday afternoon, your in Austin, and it's not shark week. What do you do? Go find some of Real Ale's Devil's Backbone! This beer is a monster, but tastes as smooth and light as a day at the beach in Mexico.

After that, it was time to peruse the menu. We were at The Marina and here is what we were looking at (I-Phone 4 HDR):

I went with the Thirsty Planet Yellow Armadillo. After the Devils' Back Bone, I was looking for something to keep the warm afternoon lighter than some of the other selections on the menu.

As the afternoon proceeded, and 4 beers later, we decided to make our final two choices of the afternoon. We opted for the Southern Star Bombshell Blonde, and the Lost Gold IPA. Combo that with some appetizers and we were well on our way to a fun filled evening and the start of an amazing beer filled weekend to come. Cheers to North Austin and The Marina for serving some excellent choices for Austin Beer Week 2010.

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