Sunday, April 24, 2011

What's My Age Again

Hard to think it was only yesterday that I was a young pup in California, now as I approach the 30 year mark I feel like that I have come so far. I am extremely content here in Austin, TX (minus the no surf thing), and feel that for the most part I have found a balance that I haven't had in many years. As I turn 30 I approach the 5 year anniversary of my mom's death, and know that she would be proud of me (and like my beard). She is the whole reason I started writing and "blogging" and communicating out loud (even if I'm the only one reading it), and I wanted to say thanks to you Mom for that. Cheers to being old(er), and may we all Live Happily Ever Now. Here are some pics taken by my lovely wife from this last weekend at Lustre Pearl, they also had Victoria beer on draft at Bar 96!

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  1. love ya matt! your mom is definitely a huge inspiration:) i'm proud of you too!! Love, Kate