Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dirty Heads Review - Red 7 Austin

The Dirty Heads at Red 7 - Austin, TX
After The Dirty Heads came to Weirdos on Halloween last year, I was very disappointed that their set was cut short. Apparently the neighbors complained (despite a 10,000 sound wall was built by Weirdos), causing the cops to shut the show down VERY early. With Sublime with Rome in the house, it made it even more shitty that The Dirty Heads were forced to quit. Weirdos offered the crowd free beers, but it still was a huge let down for what could have been an epic way to celebrate Halloween.

I had been waiting for a refund (or apology), and got one in form of The Dirty Heads coming back to Red 7 last Thursday. With Friday off from work (my 30th birthday was on that Saturday), I was able to drink and party without that weekday work hangover to worry about.

Knowing there were no angry neighbors in the vicinity, this turned out to be an awesome full length show. Songs like "Neighborhood", "Believe", "Sails to the Wind" all had the crowd moving, and they also played several new songs that sounded clean. Instead of the traditional encore, Jared "Dirty J" Watson asked the crowd if they could just keep playing songs for us (skipping all the fake encore bullshit), and the crowd was stoked to hear more music without waiting. Ending with "Lay Me Down", the show ended with a full set list that helped me forget about the cold Halloween night when The Dirty Heads were shutdown. Here are some video clips from the show. Cheers! Live Happily Ever Now!

"Stand Tall"

"Lay Me Down"


"We Will Rise (Unreleased)"

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