Thursday, May 26, 2011

Xavier Rudd - Concert in Austin

Xavier Rudd's music is brings out the best in people, and it spreads the message of life, love, nature, spirituality, and taking care of our earth and oceans. His concerts takes all of those positive emotions, and channels them through the crowd in memorizing way.

Xavier Rocking the House!
Some people just won't understand these things, but Matthew  Mcconaughey sure does! Unexpectedly, the famous percussionist (and actor from my favorite movie Glory Daze filmed in Santa Cruz) emerged from backstage, and was greeted by photos and a crowd of murmurs. McConaughey then made his way to the center of the crowd (an arms length away from me) with his wife. He was chanting (you can hear him in my videos saying "Viva La Xavier" pronounced Javier), dancing, and clapping the entire time. It was a cool "only in Austin" experience for me (kind of like the time I sat next to Jessica Alba at Lustre Pearl).

Let me be now
Xavier's Tap Root Tour was a one man show, and it was an awesome experience to see him command so much love and respect from the crowd. It felt like a spiritual awakening at La Zona Rosa, as he played his didgeridoo combined with his driving and thumping drum beats. He then would bring the crowd into an intimate setting with his slide guitar and harmonica. He played songs that sprung reflection like "Messages", "Love Comes and Goes", "Fortune Teller", and "No Woman No Cry". It was a great set list that had a perfect ebb and flow.

Xavier Rudd truly is a rarity in today's world. His passion for music and values inspire people to respect and live a harmonious life with the world they live in. He embodies standing up for your beliefs, respecting your culture and roots, protecting the environment, helping others, and smiling and celebrating all of the wonderful things on this earth along the way.

A Great Night With Xavier
During the show, Xavier Rudd stopped to talked about a walk on town lake in Austin earlier that day. He explained how several turtles came up to him on the shoreline, and that it was a magical experience (also expressing his love for Austin).

It made me cringe when he asked "do you guys protect that waterway"? The question didn't make me cringe so much, as the crowd response of laughter and remarks of the opposite. I wanted to tell the crowd that they could make a difference and help preserve our local waterways (I am proud to be  an active member of Surfrider's Central Texas Chapter, and only 3 days prior to the show we took out over one hundred pounds of trash out of the same lake where Xavier saw the turtles). I know that activism and volunteerism is not a reality for most, but I hope that one day with more awareness people's mentality will change, and will do more to help protect the environment.

Keeping it clean for the turtles!
In a world where these values and volunteerism are talked about and practiced less and less, it couldn't be more important for Xavier Rudd to continue to spread his messages of Fresh Green Freedom. Cheers to you Xavier Rudd! Live Happily Ever Now!

UPDATE: here are some videos from the show I finally uploaded!

Love Comes and Goes

End of the show chant and Didgeridoo

Mr. Matthew McConaughey

Let Me Be

The Message

No Woman No Cry

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