Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fear My Austin Beard

It's been awhile now since I grew my beard out down in Mexico several years ago (4 years I believe), and I wanted to thank to my beard for giving me my inner strength (and getting me compared to Jason from Laguna Beach) for quite some time now. I would also like to thank my dad and brother for helping me bring out my inner beard subconsciously (three bearded fellows).

June is my least favorite month of the year (to be continued), so I am calling on you beard (the Austin beard is bigger than CA beard) to help me get through this month. I also need a "fear the beard" shirt one of these days as Brian Wilson is totally awesome (GO GIANTS!!!). Basically just needed a non deep post to help me get through the June gloom: Here is the evolution of the beard:

The first time I grew the beard

Beard in Mexico

Brother (Walt), Poppa (Kev) and I all Bearded
Me before I grew a beard (lame I know)

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