Thursday, June 30, 2011

Texas Surf Musuem - Steve Thomas and Noll Surfboards

Signed by Steve Thomas
I grew up on the East Side of Santa Cruz surfing with surfers like Jed Noll and Steve Thomas. They gave me plenty of inspiration to improve my surfing over the years (Chris Thomas too!), and I was very stoked to be reminded of them recently at the Texas Surf Museum.

On a side note, I recently I wrote an article about Steve, and how much of an influence he was on my surfing growing up. I was stoked to get several of his magazine covers signed, and am stoked that my wife Leyla framed them for me (for my dirty thirty).

Steve hanging at the Texas Surf Mueseum
During my birthday weekend in Port A,  Leyla gave the framed magazines to me, and we also visited the Texas Surf Museum (with fellow Surfrider member Bill Morris). At the Museum, deep in the heart of Texas, I saw the same magazine cover framed and on the Museum's wall. I was super stoked to see Steve in Texas, and this edition of Longboard magazine (now no longer in print) was signed by the editor of Longboard Magazine at the time Guy Motil (I prefer my copy).

There was also a great Greg Noll exhibit at the Texas Surf Museum. In the exhibit there were vintage Greg Noll Surfboards, old decals, photos, mini boards with the different models, old posters, and even a board shaped by Greg and signed by Greg and Micki Dora. It was cool seeing this exhibit in Texas, and reminded me of how stoked I am to be riding surfboards shaped by Jed Noll (Greg's son) for over a decade now.

Here are some pics (most by Leyla Kuhn) from the exhibit, and cheers to being stoked in Texas!

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