Monday, March 21, 2011

Death From Above 1979 - SXSW Riot at Beauty Bar

At The Beauty Bar in Austin Texas, Death From Above 1979 played their first show in years on Saturday night. What started with dozens of fans climbing the roof and tent (fans who were climbing the fence had drinks and ice thrown at them, along with staff inside kicking the fence to try to knock them off the fence), led to one person climbing the main fence and doing a back flip down onto the concrete inside the venue. From there the fence ended up being ripped down, and the outside alley now was moshing on the fence closer to the band.

The band did not stop, and even welcomed the extended alleyway into the party! After about 10 minutes of moshing (with the now extended venue), the mounted police department came charging through the mosh pit. After the first pass, they turned back around, and attempted a second pass. Fans did not clear out, and one fan was beaten with a nightstick (who we later saw crying while getting his eyes flushed out with fluid). We also saw pepper spray used sparingly, but nothing beyond that. There were 12-20 cops on bikes, squad cars at both ends, and the mounted police (seen in video).While the scene was chaotic, it was never full on out of control. Before the cops arrived when a fan tried to climb on a car parked by the fence, we all told him to get off, and he did. The band took a 10 minute break to help calm the scene down, and ultimately ended up closing the night out with several songs as the police dispersed. Pretty awesome way to close out SXSW. Here is the footage I took on my Flip Cam:

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