Wednesday, March 30, 2011

SXSW 2011 Recap and Review

 SXSW in 2011 turned into a whole different animal for me this year. I remember several years back it felt way different, or maybe my version of reality is changing. When I first started it was less about RSVPs, and more about just choosing your own adventure, ending up at some cool spots, seeing really obscure and up and coming bands, getting drunk, and way less organized. Now I feel like this is not the case. Some takeaways from my third SXSW:
  • I saw only a handful of bands (much less than in year's past).
  • I didn't go to The Fader Fort .
  • I bought a battery case for my iPhone, and was on Twitter pretty much all day.
  • I Avoided lines.
  • Hung out with Hanson at an invite only party.
  • Was amazed by how many rappers I liked in the 90's were here for SXSW.
  • Talked about MTV with my friend Neil who was visiting from SF all week (he works there).
  • Was not amazed with all the non local mainstream sponsors.
  • Was impressed with the guys in front of me who had their knives taken from them by security when they were patted down at the Snoop Dogg concert.
  • Was really stoked to see The Sounds three times.
  • Was not stoked to see The Bangles and be escorted out by security at the Cedar St.Courtyard.
  • Enjoyed supporting Boobs and Keep A Breast.
  • Thought Micheal Cera was just okay at bass.
  • Did not get into the Zynga party after waiting 25 minutes.
  • That was the longest line I waited in.
  • Regretted wearing sandals at the Pure Volume House's flooded bathroom.
  • Really enjoyed discovering The Naked and Famous and Beats Antique.
  • Neon Trees were not a factor.
  • Was glad to see Halos again.
  • Can't believe my riot video for Death From Above 1979 received over 30,000 hits in 3 days.
  • Line Fail
  • Warren G "Regulate" was a good non typical SXSW moment for me.
  • Enjoy Zion I and The Grouch and Oakland in general.
  • Liked meeting nerds during interactive at the Ginger Man.
  •  Here are some unorganized or lined up photos.
  • Feet after Pure Volume House and Conflict of Interest
    Mister Heavenly
    Reminds me of old SXSW
    Dude passed out on iPhone and Macbook at The Hilton
    Charity makes me feel good!
    The Naked and Famous
    Zion I and The Grouch
    The Sounds first day
    Beats Antique
    Snood Do Double G
    Halos Acoustic
    The Sounds at Cedar St.
    Me and my boo!
Who doesn't!
What I don't like....
Lookout Death From Above 1979!



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