Friday, March 11, 2011

SxSW 2011: Pre-Game

Glitch Mob via Knuckle Rumbler
This will be my third SxSW, and it's looking like it is shaping to be a week long booze binge with some pretty good acts coming through (would I expect anything else). My wife is a volunteer photographer this year, and will have a platinum badge, so there will be a broken home feel to the week... I am exhausted thinking about it, and am having flashbacks to 2010 already (click here to see what I mean). My good friend Neil is coming in, along with an extended crew from the brothers Henry, so it should be quite the showdown. I've bought an I-Phone built in case charger thing that weighs about five pounds, but I'm sure I will need it, and am willing to have a case that is the equivalent of a European Man Bag... (because my phone will die). Cheers to a great week, and Live Happily Ever Now!

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