Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Encaustic Art With Sharon Kyle Kuhn

Hula and Baja Surf
I recently took my Step Mom Sharon's encaustic art class and it was awesome! Encaustic art is Bee's wax, pigment, resin, and heat. I was very challenged at first, but being the excellent teacher that she is, she helped me find my creative side! I would highly recommend that you take this class, it is great for a day of creative fun! Not an intimidating at all! You will feel empowered and want to make more encaustic art! Here is Sharon's website, plenty of classes for you to choose from this Spring. I made a surfer piece with an aloha girl that my mom gave me. Along with a bunch of my old Mtv Raps and Wrestler cards. Cool childhood memories that are now preserved forever!

Sharon Teaching

Yo Vanilla, kick it to the Hulkamaniacs out there!

Old Side Table Transformed

I passed the class!


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